Are You Searching For The Best Vegas Pool Party?

One of the best things about gambling in Vegas are the free drinks. To take advantage of this, you need only to park yourself at a slot machine or other gaming area until a cocktail waitress rolls through calling ‘cocktails..cocktails.!?’ The drinks are free, but tips are expected, especially if you would like to continue to drink.

DESERT PASSAGE MALL – It now goes by name Miracle Mile Shops and it is an enclosed Mall that is 500,000 square feet with a modern Hollywood them shopping center. It consists of 170 shops and 15 restaurants.

Las Vegas is full of museums. Here in this desert city you will 10 different museums. There are museums dedicated to Liberace, Elvis, Atomic testing, natural history, Clark County heritage and much more.

Sunday, November 21st, at 7:15 p.m. Slader will teach a free yoga class with live music from Tim Catching at Lululemon in the fashion show mall. Afterwards there will be a bag-stuffing party. You can contribute by bringing items to fill bags for the homeless, such as plastic bottles of water, plastic utensils, canned food with pop-off lids, snacks, socks, gloves and toiletries.

One thing is for sure: in Vegas there is no lack of hotels, hotels to fit any budget and all your needs. Consider your plans for the weekend. Will you be in your room much? Perhaps splurging on activities rather than the room should be your plan. Are you planning on spending a lot of time poolside? Putting a little more into your accommodation budget can boost the quality of your poolside retreat. If you are looking for a watery wonderland consider staying at The Mandalay Bay.

Inside Tip: Although you can hear the show while in the patio dining area of the Cheesecake Factory, the surrounding crowd interferes with the view. So the show and dining are best done separately. I’d choose to dine inside where you can enjoy your company and the meal, then enjoy the show on its own when you’re ready.

A little detour into Caesars Palace, and over to the Augustus Tower, will find you at the Neil Leifer Gallery. Gallery admission is free, and this just may be the bribe you need to keep the interest of the sport enthusiast in your family. Neil is an award winning photographer who focuses on sports history. His pictures have been used in magazines like Time, People, and Sports Illustrated. The opportunity to see larger than life pictures, like Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston, Secretariat winning the Kentucky Derby, and even the classic of President John F Kennedy throwing out the first pitch in 1961, may be just the thing to win the day.

The big daddy of Las Vegas pool parties, as mentioned above, is Rehab Las vegas at the hard Rock. Even though the event has been running for so long, its popularity has never wavered. People love the fact that they can enjoy the party from midday until dusk, soaking up the Veags sun in relaxing opulence.